Race and Sport

Evolution and Racial Differences in Sporting Ability
Edward Dutton and Richard Lynn

This study examines the relationship between race and sport and argues that races differ in achievement in various sports in part for genetic reasons. The adaptation of different races to varied environments provides them with a number of physical and psychological advantages and disadvantages in relation to each other in various sports. Differing levels of racial accomplishment in sports requiring different physical and psychological abilities reflect these adaptations.

Additional Information

The authors provide definitions of the terms "sport" and "race", show that sporting ability is partly genetic, and examine racial differences in physical adaptations in relation to differences in ability in various sports. They also discuss how racial genetic differences in intelligence and personality relate to sporting ability, and look at the effect of environmental and sociological factors.

Data is presented on a wide range of team and individual sports, showing that their racial profile is as racial differences in physical and mental ability would predict.

Reviewers' comments

"Reading this book was probably the first time ever in my life that I've been engrossed in the topic of sports!"
HBD Chick

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  • 423 Pages
  • ISBN 9780993000133 (paper cover)
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  • Published 2015 by Ulster Institute for Social Research, London

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