Religion and Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis

Edward Dutton

In this comprehensive review of research on the relationship between intelligence and religion, Edward Dutton conclusively demonstrates that the more intelligent are less religious than the less intelligent both within countries and across the world. He also shows that intelligence is negatively associated with other ideologies, including Marxism and Romantic nationalism, which he argues are comparable to religions. The paradox that some highly intelligent people are religious is explained by personality factors.

Religion and Intelligence

Reviewers' comments

"The central tenet of Edward Dutton's voyage into the complicated past and present of religion is that more intelligent individuals tend to eschew it. Making his case, he also recognizes and carefully discusses the many exceptions to this overall rule, not least in the case of what he so fittingly calls Replacement Religion: The plethora of political and other ideologies that inflame otherwise rational and capable people into extremism and destruction. The book is a fascinating read with a wide scholarly and historical scope. It will also function very well as an introduction to the whole field of intelligence research and its biological basis."
Guy Madison, Professor of Psychology, Umeå University.

"Edward Dutton's masterful analysis shows that Sir James Frazer and Richard Dawkins were right in arguing that people with high IQs are generally agnostic or atheists."
Richard Lynn, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of Ulster, Coleraine

"Dr Dutton is to be commended for his extensive research and his temerity."
Quarterly Review

"Dutton has a produced a fascinating, thought-provoking and thoroughly comprehensive examination of the relationship between religion and intelligence."
Gerhard Meisenberg

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