The Roma: A Balkan Underclass
Jelena Ĉvorović

The Roma of Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans can be described as the ultimate outsiders, persecuted, enslaved and discriminated against throughout the centuries. Their rigid codes of conduct, societal traditions and religious and moral taboos have caused their integration with non-Roma populations to be minimal. As a result, the Roma have not benefitted from advances in healthcare and education and are consistently the lowest scorers in measures of life expectancy, child mortality, income and intelligence.

In The Roma: A Balkan Underclass, Jelena Cvorovic gives an overview of the history of the Roma, from their migration from northern India to their settlement in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. She then draws on her own extensive fieldwork amongst the Roma in Serbia, and from the work of others, to give an analysis of the current parlous state of the Roma. Included are detailed reports from the various countries of the region, a demographic comparison of Muslim and Christian Roma in Serbia, cognitive ability studies to determine dysgenic fertility, and reviews of the work of other researchers in Roma education, intelligence and health.

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This is an authoritative and informative work that will be invaluable not only to researchers with an interest in the Roma and in dysgenic fertility in particular, but also to the general reader.

Reviewers' comments

"This book will be a very useful contribution in providing a comprehensive body of data on the evolutionary strategy of the Roma. It allows us to go beyond stereotypes about the Roma and dispassionately look at the statistics."
Mankind Quarterly

  • Available formats: paper cover or e-book (pdf)
  • 254 Pages
  • ISBN 9780957391390 (paper cover)
  • ISBN 9780957391302 (e-book)
  • Published 2014 by Ulster Institute for Social Research, London

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